Terms and Conditions

All orders are subject to the following terms and conditions.  This does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.


If you require clarification on any of the below, please do not hesitate to contact us.


As you can appreciate we have to work to specific deadlines to meet all orders.  We will do our best to accommodate your request, but we do limit the number of orders we take on each week to ensure quality remains at a high standard. 


A minimum of two months’ notice is required for wedding cakes and minimum of two weeks for celebration cakes.  We do take bookings up to a year in advance.


Following the submission of a quote the agreed price will be invoiced.  Please ensure you check the details carefully to ensure no mistakes are made against your order.


All orders require a 50% deposit which is non-refundable and non-transferable.  Your deposit is due once you accept the invoice.  Your order is only considered as a firm booking once the deposit is paid and cleared funds have been received.



Preferred method is via bank transfer; however cash is also accepted.

The balance of your order can be paid by cash on collection / delivery, or via bank transfer prior to collecting but this will need to be sent 3 working days before to ensure cleared funds are received.

Wedding Cakes – Balance is due a minimum of two weeks before the wedding date.


Non- Payments

No deposit will mean no order has been placed and no work will commence. 

Failure to pay the balance prior to, or on the day of collection / delivery will result in your order being held. It cannot be released until full payment is made.  We accept no responsibility for any loss or non-delivery in these circumstances.  You will be responsible for any additional charges we incur due to payment failure.


Your quote followed by invoice will clearly state the agreed design and price.  It is your responsibility to check this information.

Any changes to the design after the submission of an invoice may incur additional charges.

We are here to help provide the custom cake you require, and our best attention will be given always.  We will accommodate changes as best we can but cannot guarantee they will be accepted.


Collections Must be during the working hours of Buttercup Cakes by Jo, Monday-Friday 9.30am – 3pm and Saturday 10am-12pm. A one hour time slot will be agreed by both parties, late collections are chargeable £10ph hour or part of.

Outside the working hours of Buttercup Cakes by Jo will need to be by special arrangement only. *


Delivery is subject to availability, times will be arranged at an agreed time to suit both parties. *

*All orders require inspection by the customer at point of collection / delivery, this is your acceptance of the cake. Buttercup Cakes can not be held responsible for any damages that occur after this.

Setting Up at your Venue

If you have employed us to set up your cake at your event venue you must ensure we are given the full address details, any specified times and a contact name, and number that can sign for the delivery and set up.

It will be your responsibility to provide a table with space adequate for your cake(s), with any stands that you / your venue is providing. 


Please take some consideration for the conditions when deciding where to place your cake table. For example, a hot summers day with a table in the window is not a good position for a cake.  If this was to be your chosen position Buttercup Cakes by Jo will not accept any responsibility for the diminished quality of your cake.


We will also take a final photograph of your cake set up in position for our records.

Cancellation and refunds

No deposits will be refunded if you, the customer cancels.

If you have booked a wedding cake and cancel within 6 weeks prior to the wedding date the full balance will become due immediately and the order cancelled.

In the unlikely event that Buttercup Cakes by Jo must cancel your order, every effort will be made to help source an alternative supplier to assist with your order.  It may be that the supplier takes over the order fully in which case your deposit will be refunded in full, you will communicate and pay the alternative supplier directly.



Buttercup Cakes by Jo will make you aware of allergens used in the products and in the kitchen in general.

Your cake(s) will be labelled with the allergens contained, but it must be made clear that your product is made in a kitchen that handles NUTS.

Every effort is made to give you full awareness, if you have any questions at any time please do contact us.  You are responsible for passing this information to the consumers.


The company holds the copyright of the cake design. The customer has no claim on the design.  Buttercup Cakes by Jo reserves the right to use images of any design for promotional purposes following the event.